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<p>What do you get when you combine a zombie shooter with base building?</p><p>No, I mean apart from two of the most overdone aspects of mobile gaming becoming one.</p><p>Sigh. I'll tell you, shall I? It's a game called Dead Union.</p><p>Developer NetDragon announced that it would be soft-launched for Australia on Android tomorrow. The final version will also be heading to iOS.</p><p>You should know what the drill is with this type of game. It's a first-person shooter set during the post-apocalypse. Stop me when this becomes familiar.</p><p>There's a wide variety of zombies, mutants, and beasts to shoot down. And 29 different weapons to do that with too.</p><p>To access them all you'll need to win items and money. This also goes towards upgrading your favourite ones. Done this before?</p>.

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